Mapping markers of distance and existence in immigrant literature of New York City.

literary resources and immigrant support

This is the main website for the New York Public Library.

This is a link to library resources available in numerous languages.

Non-profit PEN America, advocates for free expression and representation in the literary world.

A bilingual bookstore and community center in Bushwick.

The Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival happens annually, promoting Caribbean literature and celebration of Caribbean identity in New York City.

The first female Asian-American owned bookstore in NYC.

A museum and resource library focusing on the culture and history of Spain and Portugal as well as former colonies in the Americas.

A Spanish language bookstore and community center in Queens.

A contemporary map of New York showing populations according to their place of origin.

An archived project with the NYPL used to align separate maps in an effort to view New York City throughout time.

A graphic representation of the “waves of immigration” throughout the history of NYC.

Workshops hosted through the Tenement Museum that use the history of im/migrants to support English language learning.